Saturday, April 14, 2007

Taste-Testing Some Dry Foods

Many thanks to all of you who have contributed your comments and advice on my dry food dilemma.

Here's what I'm doing right now:

  1. Ordered Some Orijen: Thanks so much to the anonymous commenter who turned me on to, a small etailer who sells Orijen cat food online. I just ordered a 5.5 pound bag for my boys to try. With UPS shipping, my order came to $25.

    No doubt, this is a calculated risk. I've never heard of only4pets before so I don't know how quick and reliable they are, but I was able to pay using PayPal, something I prefer over giving my credit card information directly to an unknown site.

    I also don't know if the boys will like Orijen, but I'm eager to feed it to them. As we all know, sometimes cats don't like to eat foods we know they should eat. A couple of years ago, I tried feeding them Evo dry and they wouldn't touch it, even though Evo is grain-free and 52% protein!

  2. Buying Another Dry: I'm sure the Orijen I ordered won't arrive for a few days and I'm almost out of kibble. I'm going to go to the pet store this weekend and get another dry, most likely either Natual Balance or California Natural.

    Amy, a commenter on my original post, changed my mind about buying California Natural, Innova, and other products made by Natura by letting me know that Natura is dropping Menu Foods. I applaud Natura's effort here and would like to encourage other manufacturers to do the same. I think this actually deserves its own post.

    Any thoughts on California Natural Chicken and Brown Rice?


faycat said...

My cat eats a combination/rotation of California Natural Chicken and Brown Rice, Innova EVO, and Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea. She seems to like the California Natural best. I am trying out all of these foods because she has some digestive issues and I started to seek out foods with very few ingredients and very few grains. As far as the taste issue goes, though, she may not be the best to trust on dry foods, because I've never seen her dislike one, it's the wet foods that she doesn't like. If she liked a better variety of wet foods (ie not only fish flavors), I wouldn't even feed her dry at all.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you were able to make use of one of the online sources for Orijen - I hope everything works out for you and your boys. I understand how frustrating it must be when you want to do the right thing, but are limited by choices.

Keep us up to date on how your cats like it - at least I hope they do! Mine does, but then again, he doesn't have a very discerning palate.

Tara said...

My human dropped Natural Choice because it was made by Nutro (NO MORE NUTRO), even though I loved it. She switched me to Natural Balance, and I love that as well. This weekend she is going to by some Evo and try mixing some with the Natural Balance to increase the protein content.

I'm having more trouble with the wet. Just got some Merrick in (had to order it). I liked the first variety, but not the second. Mom has also been buying the Fancy Feast varieties with no wheat gluten, but I only like them if she mixes meat (like salmon or tuna) in, and I only really like the fish varieties, but I'm getting too much fish.


Riley & Tiki said...

Keep us posted about the Orijen. That is really good news about Natura, so we may try some of their products too.

socidoc said...

Thank you so very much for posting that info about Natura!! I've been worried!! My two cats love Innova Evo so I won't have to switch, now that I've heard the good news. I've also switched them to Merrick for wet food, and they ADORE the Grammy's Pot Pie and T'Giving Dinner varieties. They also like Natural Balance, but Merrick is "juicier" and they like it better. Once again, Avram, your readers thank you so much for all your work and valuable info on this frightening issue.

M said...

Ack!!! I got the PHD and see it has the menadione (vit K in it!!!) Well I didn't know that from before, so I was able to locate an Orijen dealer here, however there was one other thing to consider in my case if dealer also supports puppy mill sales of puppies and kitties. One of the stores where I live does and carries every brand of food out there. I am bummed!

I guess I can try my girls on the PHD and look for Orijen and I think I will feed them some of the Merrick canned. They are missing their canned food even now.

Man what a confusing mess.


Syl said...

FYI, Natural Balance has just recalled two varieties of their dry food for cats and dogs. This is from their website.

We are receiving consumer complaints regarding the Venison & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food, and Venison & Green Pea Dry Cat Foods. We do not know what is wrong with the food at this time, but we have heard that animals are vomiting and experiencing kidney problems. Although the problems seem to be focused on one particular lot, as a precautionary measure, we are pulling all dates of Venison & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food and Venison & Green Pea Dry Cat Food from the shelves.

Please discontinue feeding all Venison and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food, and Venison and Green Pea Dry Cat Food.

We are working closely with the FDA.
We will update this website today, as more information comes available.

Amy said...

Hi Avram,

In addition to syl's comment, Natural Balance just released a press statement regarding the recall, saying the rice protein concentrate is contaminated with melamine.

Makes you wonder what isn't contaminated with melamine. I sure hope Innova EVO and California Natural is ok....

Anonymous said...

The Orijen is great stuff. I just found a site that sells the ORIJEN Cat for $19.42. Shipping is free with a $50.00 order.

Anonymous said...

Many retailers are starting to carry Orijen which should bring the pricing down. just started selling it and has very good prices. Even WITH shipping it is cheaper than other places. Shop around to find the true bottom line price.

Anonymous said...

Yes, has some very good prices as does k9cuisine offers free shipping but builds the shipping cost into the product so its not really "free".

Anyone know if any big stores will carry Orijen (petsmart, petco, etc)?

Tabitha said...

i have a question..... about my cat... i have a 6 month old cat... im trying to completely letting go of the wet food and bit by bit, i do lessen the wet food. now he should be on dry food, call me paranoid, but he eats less now... is it ok? will he grow out of it and eat more?