Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Weekend Morning with Beowulf

My new job is stess-packed. It's exciting, but there is so much to do every day and so little time to do it. I look at my weekends as a time to decompress, but also a time to work on some of the work projects I can't do in the office, because I'm constantly shuttling from meeting to meeting.

Of course, sometimes I'll sit down on the couch for a minute and a minute will turn into three or four hours after Beowulf comes over and sits with me. It's hard to get up and easy to fall asleep in a situation like this.


Daisy said...

Beowulf, you are smart! Once I have my Mommie trapped like that, she doesn't get up and we get to snuggle for a long time.

Tara said...

I love sitting in between Mom's legs just like that! She gets cramps in her legs cause she tries to stay that way for me. I love it!

Tara said...

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The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Great photo & good buddy you have there!

Cheysuli said...

Beowulf yes you are smart. And what a handsome orange cat! Nice to meet you.