Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Best Christmas Present Ever

Whew! The vet called this morning to let us know the biopsy came out negative. Arthur will be fine. Liz was so nervous when she saw the vet's number on caller ID this morning, she almost didn't answer.

The good news is that we just have to take him back in a week to have his stitches removed. Meanwhile, he has to wear this silly looking collar to make sure he doesn't try to groom the stitched area.

The collar makes him look like a renaissance king, a court jester, or a patient at the dentist's office. He's a little upset at the indignity of it, but he'll be ok, as long as he doesn't pull it off and his brother doesn't try to groom that area.

We've been keeping a close eye on the boys to try to stop them from wrestling, which they do at least twice a day, but I'm not sure what will happen when I leave them alone for a few hours to attend Christmas dinner at Liz's parents' house. I'd stay here to watch the boys, but Liz would kill me.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Health Scare: Could Arthur Have Cancer?

My biggest nightmare is that one of my boys will develop a serious illness so I'm always on the look out for something abnormal in their appearance or behavior. This morning, I was petting Arthur when I felt a bump on the lower portion of his back. Every time in the past I've felt something odd on one of our boys, I'd call Liz over and she'd determine that whatever I'd felt was just a tuft of matted fur and that I was just paranoid.

However, today, we discovered that Arthur has a raised brown bump - it looks like a large mole - on his back, and I don't think it was there before. We're going to call the vet tomorrow and try to get the next available appointment, but I don't know if the holidays are going to mean the vet is out of the office a bit. I am very nervous and upset and it's hard to put it out of my mind and think about other things. Losing one of my boys is the worst thing I can possibly imagine. I hope it's just a harmless mole like people get, but I don't think it was there before. Has anyone experienced this?

UPDATE 12/22/08 2:15 PM
Just took Arthur to the Vet. They are keeping him for a little while to do a biopsy so they can send it for tests to determine if its harmless or not. Will be going back at 4PM to pick him up then have to wait two days for the test results.

UPDATE 12/22/08 4:20 PM
Returned home with Arthur. He is soo not happy with me right now but he doesnt seem to have suffered ill from today's adventure. He has a soft collar around his neck to keep him from messing with the stiches from where the biopsy was done. He has a small shaved section that we need to keep protected from him and his brother messing with the stiches. Other than that its a 48 hour wait to see what the lab results say and a kitty who is not happy over being forced out in this cold weather to have all this done to him.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kitty in a Basket

Both boys love sitting in the laundry basket on top of piles of clothes. They like it so much that Liz leaves the other-wise clean comforter in the basket sometimes so Arthur can use it as a bed.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't Blame Me If My Clothing Has Fur

Liz gets a bit upset when she puts clean clothing down on the bed and the boys lie down on top of it, depositing a healthy coating of fur. Oddly enough, if I don't have a special occasion like a big meeting or conference, I don't mind if there's a little fur on my clothes. I'll find a strand or two of orange and white hair on my pants throughout the day and it'll remind me that my boys are waiting for me at home. How weird is that?

Closets, Drawers, Wherever

Liz was putting away laundry the other day and opened one of the drawers in her armoire. We had our back turned for only a moment when Beowulf found himself a new nest.

Wrestling Over the Laundry

Allowing the boys into the bedroom has also meant allowing them to mess with the laundry we keep in there. Sometimes, we'll find them napping on top of a pile of dirty clothes or, in this case, wrestling over the clothes we were about to wash.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Why I Got No Work Done Today

Now that Beowulf and Arthur are allowed in the bedroom, they spend a lot of their time lying on the bed, tempting otherwise diligent humans to take afternoon naps with them.

Today, I had the day off from work and had all the best intentions. I was going to spend the day working on some programming projects I've been meaning to do for our site (the job, which I started last year around this time, has been keeping me very busy), but instead I walked into the bedroom, saw this, and just had to lie down with my boys.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grey Eye Kittie Needs a home.

I'm a sucker for a cute kittie face at any age and given my choice i would adopt every cat I could to give them a good loving home. But space and finances dont allow for us being able to adopt a billion cats :).

If anyone in the New York area is looking to adopt a cute bundle of love, I was directed to this blog and hope that this cutie finds a loving home soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Something Sad and Disturbing

Avram brought this to my attention and like him I agree we should spread the word about this. I dont know how many of our readers are in the New York Area so many may never have heard about this situation so I will outline it for you.

Joseph Petcka an actor is currently on trial for animal cruelty because he killed his girlfriend's cat Norman. The 7 pound cat was beaten to death by this person. And now while the trial is ongoing a NY Post writer Andrea Peyser has been writing articles blasting the trial as a waste of time and money and in one instance even claims that the cat deserved to be beaten to death.

A blog detailing the situation is also calling for people to contact the NY Post and make their displeasure at this writer known. You can see the post at this link.

As an animal lover and a cat mommy I'm deeply disturbed by the while thing and hope that others will join us in making our displeasure known. Like the poster of the blog says"I urge you to contact the NYP…but by all means, be respectful, do not threaten, do not do or say anything stupid, do not act like a jerk yourself, behave appropriately, but let them know this is outrageous:" They will take more serious intelligent well thought out correspondence than ranting hate mail.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Final Frontier

For 4 years Avram and I have spent considerable time and effort keeping the bedroom off limits to Arthur and Beowulf. At first it was because we weren’t sure how Avram’s allergies would handle living with cats full time. Then it was because everything Avram felt was too dangerous or too suspect to be around the cats was kept in the bedroom making it an “unsafe” place for them to be.

Sure there were times when one or the other would slip into the room and the fur would fly as we had to work to find them and escort them out of the room. The bedroom was the last unconquered frontier of the apartment for them.

Well yesterday they finally were able to break through that barrier and not only were given free access to the bedroom they spent the night locked in with us. No we haven’t flipped our lids or taken leave of our senses. We had a leak in the kitchen and the repair involved two very large ugly holes being made in the kitchen wall. And as is usually the case the work couldn’t be completed in one day and while the holes were covered with cardboard and taped down there were still plenty of temptations and dangers for the boys to be left unsupervised over night.

We didn’t like the idea of caging them for the night since that would mean they would have no access to food, water or their litter box. So the choice was made to allow the boys into the bedroom. Again today while they were finishing up the work they boys were given free access to the room and as these pictures show they took full advantage of the rare pleasure of having the bedroom open to them.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Cleaning Or a New Playtime Activity?

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures but I hope my descriptions are vivid enough for all of you to get the picture and share in the laugh.

So on Monday I woke up and was bitten by the cleaning bug. I started by gathering up all the assorted cat toys around the apartment and piling them up on the bookshelf while the cats stirred themselves from their morning nap and watched me curiously. As I got deeper into the cleaning the boys began to move around.

First Beowulf perched on the edge of Avram’s desk and watched fascinated as I used the swifter duster to begin dusting. While I was busy singing along with the radio and dusting, Arthur was moving into position on top of the entertainment center. As I reached up to dust higher he pounced, batting at the duster. I swung it away from him only to have Beowulf reach out to bat at it from his position on the desk.

And so the game was afoot. I tried to dust and they chased, trying to bat at the duster. Once the dusting was done I began vacuuming which as normal sent them off cowering from the mean old vacuum. But as I moved the couch to vacuum behind it they grew bolder. And before I knew it the hose was under constant attack as I tried to clean the furniture. Running attacks where one or the other would charge in and then run out again.

Finally tiring of the game they watched as the last of the vacuuming was done. When the swifter floor cleaner came out, they were well rested and ready to begin a game of chase as they chased the swifter cleaner as it caught up the remaining particles the vacuum left behind. The best part of the fun came when I got out the mop and they had fun chasing that around until they realized, they were walking through water then fled to higher ground.

Of course the worse tragedy of the day for them came when I removed all the bedding and covers from the cage, gave them a good vacuum along with their beds and then off to the laundry they went where they got washed and dried and once again put into their places. After much suspicious sniffing, they opted to lay on the floor rather than sully themselves with now clean items in their cage or clean beds.

So once Avram came home from work they couldn’t wait to run to him and set up a loud meow chorus as they began telling him all about the excitement of the day and the indignity of having all their scent and hair washed away from their possessions. Now days later they still wont use the beds but they have begun to give the cage some use again. And of course their toys have made their way from the neat little pile on the bookshelf to a random scatter around the living room ready to trip up the unwary. (A spiked shaky ball is not easy to avoid in the dark). Hopefully they wont be so eager to “help” the next time I go into a cleaning frenzy. Or at least Daddy will be home to document their efforts.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I think Its Supper Time!

So just a brief rundown of the latest activities with the boys.

This week they are definitely getting their patience tested as my 13 and 10 year old nieces liven things up around the apartment. They definitely aren’t used to that much activity around the house. But so far they seem to be handling it fine and have learned to give them a wide berth when the fooling around gets particularly vigorous.

Arthur has been having a bit of trouble with hairballs and vomiting lately. So we’re working on getting them a hair ball formula and increasing their grooming to help with that. On the food front not much has changed. The boys are still being very picky over eating wet food.

Our latest tactic involves taking away their dry food early in the afternoon and no food until its time for their wet food. This has had mixed results but on the advice from our local holistic pet store we are heating up their wet food for 10-15 seconds in the microwave before feeding it to them.

According to the pet store it mimics the heat of a fresh kill for them and they would be more likely to eat it. They have been eating more wet food than in the past but the jury is still out on whether it’s a result of their kibble being taken away and they are that hungry or if the warming up of the food helps or even if it’s a combination of both. Of course there are still some wet foods that get a brief sniff and then an instant demand for something else and perhaps a second sniff and taste after a liberal application of tuna flakes. Still we’ll keep on trying different combinations until we find what works for the boys.

Has anyone else tried this heating the food method?

Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Voice

Hello Faithful readers. After a long silence I'm here to say that in typical Avram fashion he has become lost in his work and barely has time to surface for some purrapy much less blogging. So I've decided to end the long silence and report on the fun and antics of our fur boys. So keep an eye out there will be much more to come