Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I think Its Supper Time!

So just a brief rundown of the latest activities with the boys.

This week they are definitely getting their patience tested as my 13 and 10 year old nieces liven things up around the apartment. They definitely aren’t used to that much activity around the house. But so far they seem to be handling it fine and have learned to give them a wide berth when the fooling around gets particularly vigorous.

Arthur has been having a bit of trouble with hairballs and vomiting lately. So we’re working on getting them a hair ball formula and increasing their grooming to help with that. On the food front not much has changed. The boys are still being very picky over eating wet food.

Our latest tactic involves taking away their dry food early in the afternoon and no food until its time for their wet food. This has had mixed results but on the advice from our local holistic pet store we are heating up their wet food for 10-15 seconds in the microwave before feeding it to them.

According to the pet store it mimics the heat of a fresh kill for them and they would be more likely to eat it. They have been eating more wet food than in the past but the jury is still out on whether it’s a result of their kibble being taken away and they are that hungry or if the warming up of the food helps or even if it’s a combination of both. Of course there are still some wet foods that get a brief sniff and then an instant demand for something else and perhaps a second sniff and taste after a liberal application of tuna flakes. Still we’ll keep on trying different combinations until we find what works for the boys.

Has anyone else tried this heating the food method?


Riley & Tiki said...

Ever since the recall, we are very fussy about wet food too (we used to eat Nutro too). Now we only get it about every other day and that seems to help us stay interested. Have you tried the Wellness pouches? The food looks a lot like the Nutro pouches. Some days we eat it, some days we do not. Some days we steal food from the woofie. We like to keep Mommy on her toes.

Gillian said...

Welcome back, Avram! We’ve missed you.
We adopted a cat from the shelter about a month ago, and he’s extremely finicky about food. He tried our patience as we went through brand after brand of gourmet food. He was not keen on any of the foods that we were willing to feed him (Merrick’s, Evangers, Halo Spots Stew…I even relented with my boycott of Wellness). Through this trying process, our vet recommended that we heat up the food because it enhanced the smell. She also suggested that we try different textures of canned food (ie chunky vs flaked vs pate). Although we started heating up all of the foods, we soon noticed that he exhibited a stronger preference for pates regardless of whether or not it was warm. We then discovered the Fromm line of foods which offer extremely smooth pates. And sure enough, he loves the Chicken, Duck and Tuna pate (but not the other flavours). Lesson learned - I believe the temperature of the food is secondary to the texture and flavour, though it certainly can’t hurt (we always heat up his food after it’s been refrigerated.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, so very very happy to see this blog alive again! Hello Liz! Please give our love to Avram as well as the boyz! As for the hairballs, try Laxatone, a type of petroleum product in a tube... you can get it tuna-flavored... I call it "kitty grease"... my long-haired torti LOVES it, and it definitely helps her with the hairballs (and also constipation). You must also brush the boys. This will help especially in summer. I brush at least twice a week, and once again, WELCOME BACK!!!!

I seem top have forgotten my password, but it's me, 'socidoc'.

Heather said...

Avram and Liz,
Thank you so much for your blog. I read back from the beginning. Your wonderful story got me through a difficult part of my life. I have an eleven-week-old baby boy that has acid reflux. We had to change him to a new medication that takes two weeks to be effective. His only relief from pain was if he was held upright around the clock. My parents have helped during the day so that I can get a little sleep, but otherwise, I've been up through long lonely nights. I stumbled upon your blog from a link on About.com. Your story and writing style so captivated me that I read your whole blog from the beginning. I have been captive in my house since my baby was born, so reading all about your boys gave me another world to live in. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog, and thank you for being such wonderful, responsible cat parents.

Jackie Lee said...

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Anonymous said...

My lovey cat will be 20 next month and after years of cleaning up urps, I now give her only Fancy Feast Gourmet food. I heat it and she does a good job on it. When I spoil her and give her human chicken and tuna fish she won't eat the cat food- no fool she- but when I stop with the human stuff she goes bck to the F.F.
Good luck !
Sammy's Mom

Nathan said...

I almost always heat wet food before serving. Now whenever I put something in the microwave my cat hears the "ding" and comes running expecting a meal.

Thoughts said...

My one cat refuses to eat his food unless its heated up first. The other two dont mind, they will eat anything though. Theyre not picky in the least!