Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Final Frontier

For 4 years Avram and I have spent considerable time and effort keeping the bedroom off limits to Arthur and Beowulf. At first it was because we weren’t sure how Avram’s allergies would handle living with cats full time. Then it was because everything Avram felt was too dangerous or too suspect to be around the cats was kept in the bedroom making it an “unsafe” place for them to be.

Sure there were times when one or the other would slip into the room and the fur would fly as we had to work to find them and escort them out of the room. The bedroom was the last unconquered frontier of the apartment for them.

Well yesterday they finally were able to break through that barrier and not only were given free access to the bedroom they spent the night locked in with us. No we haven’t flipped our lids or taken leave of our senses. We had a leak in the kitchen and the repair involved two very large ugly holes being made in the kitchen wall. And as is usually the case the work couldn’t be completed in one day and while the holes were covered with cardboard and taped down there were still plenty of temptations and dangers for the boys to be left unsupervised over night.

We didn’t like the idea of caging them for the night since that would mean they would have no access to food, water or their litter box. So the choice was made to allow the boys into the bedroom. Again today while they were finishing up the work they boys were given free access to the room and as these pictures show they took full advantage of the rare pleasure of having the bedroom open to them.


happy moggy said...

That looks like a nice, big comfy bed. Your boys are very content.

How are you going to explain it's off limits when the holes are fixed?

Or do you think they know it's a rare pleasure?

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

ah, the last wall has fallen and you kitties have taken over the house. there will be no stopping you now. especially when it comes to that nice big bed at sleepy time!!

um, did you both have anything to do with that water leak that allowed you into forbidden territory??

Anna said...


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Thoughts said...

OMG They are SO cute! I think you made a good decision letting them in rather than chancing that they get caught in one of the holes.

Autumn said...

I loved sleeping with my cats. Loved it. Expecially on cold winter nights. They, sadly, got the boot when I had my son and he took their spot in my bed!


Anonymous said...

Avram, Liz and the BOYZ!
I hope hope hope you will allow them to continue to sleep with you! There is nothing more cozy and snuggly and wonderful than having two kitties in your bed (I know, this is what I do every night, although usually only one of my kitties will sleep with me)... In a smaller home like yours, your kitties will be SO grateful if you continue to allow them access to this "new" room to "own". Thanks for the pics, too!
~~from "socidoc" as anonymous

Mr. Purrrriwig said...

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FrontlinePlusForCats said...

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Miss "Grooming Cats" said...

How can the cats go back to how it was now that they have tasted the forbidden fruit off a bed? =)

I reviewed a book about cat training that can help later on. ;)