Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grey Eye Kittie Needs a home.

I'm a sucker for a cute kittie face at any age and given my choice i would adopt every cat I could to give them a good loving home. But space and finances dont allow for us being able to adopt a billion cats :).

If anyone in the New York area is looking to adopt a cute bundle of love, I was directed to this blog and hope that this cutie finds a loving home soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Something Sad and Disturbing

Avram brought this to my attention and like him I agree we should spread the word about this. I dont know how many of our readers are in the New York Area so many may never have heard about this situation so I will outline it for you.

Joseph Petcka an actor is currently on trial for animal cruelty because he killed his girlfriend's cat Norman. The 7 pound cat was beaten to death by this person. And now while the trial is ongoing a NY Post writer Andrea Peyser has been writing articles blasting the trial as a waste of time and money and in one instance even claims that the cat deserved to be beaten to death.

A blog detailing the situation is also calling for people to contact the NY Post and make their displeasure at this writer known. You can see the post at this link.

As an animal lover and a cat mommy I'm deeply disturbed by the while thing and hope that others will join us in making our displeasure known. Like the poster of the blog says"I urge you to contact the NYP…but by all means, be respectful, do not threaten, do not do or say anything stupid, do not act like a jerk yourself, behave appropriately, but let them know this is outrageous:" They will take more serious intelligent well thought out correspondence than ranting hate mail.