Friday, November 28, 2008

Why I Got No Work Done Today

Now that Beowulf and Arthur are allowed in the bedroom, they spend a lot of their time lying on the bed, tempting otherwise diligent humans to take afternoon naps with them.

Today, I had the day off from work and had all the best intentions. I was going to spend the day working on some programming projects I've been meaning to do for our site (the job, which I started last year around this time, has been keeping me very busy), but instead I walked into the bedroom, saw this, and just had to lie down with my boys.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww Avram and kitties!
I'm sooooo glad you are allowing the boyz into the bedroom! They love you for it! My one kitty sleeps RIGHT NEXT to my legs, and my other kitty sleeps in her "donut" (soft and round) bed next to the bed. It makes night-time so cozy! Good to hear from you again, hope your job is going well. Love to you, Liz and the boyz! (it's me, socidoc)

TheVeryBestCatsMom said...

Your boys are beautiful, or should I say handsome. I see you have a liking for orange cats. I have 2 myself. They are both boys too. Come by and meet the guys at The Very Best Cats blog.