Sunday, December 21, 2008

Health Scare: Could Arthur Have Cancer?

My biggest nightmare is that one of my boys will develop a serious illness so I'm always on the look out for something abnormal in their appearance or behavior. This morning, I was petting Arthur when I felt a bump on the lower portion of his back. Every time in the past I've felt something odd on one of our boys, I'd call Liz over and she'd determine that whatever I'd felt was just a tuft of matted fur and that I was just paranoid.

However, today, we discovered that Arthur has a raised brown bump - it looks like a large mole - on his back, and I don't think it was there before. We're going to call the vet tomorrow and try to get the next available appointment, but I don't know if the holidays are going to mean the vet is out of the office a bit. I am very nervous and upset and it's hard to put it out of my mind and think about other things. Losing one of my boys is the worst thing I can possibly imagine. I hope it's just a harmless mole like people get, but I don't think it was there before. Has anyone experienced this?

UPDATE 12/22/08 2:15 PM
Just took Arthur to the Vet. They are keeping him for a little while to do a biopsy so they can send it for tests to determine if its harmless or not. Will be going back at 4PM to pick him up then have to wait two days for the test results.

UPDATE 12/22/08 4:20 PM
Returned home with Arthur. He is soo not happy with me right now but he doesnt seem to have suffered ill from today's adventure. He has a soft collar around his neck to keep him from messing with the stiches from where the biopsy was done. He has a small shaved section that we need to keep protected from him and his brother messing with the stiches. Other than that its a 48 hour wait to see what the lab results say and a kitty who is not happy over being forced out in this cold weather to have all this done to him.


Anonymous said...

I occasionally find lumps and bumps on one of my cats (but have never found a new mole). My fingers are crossed for you. Hopefully you will post the news as soon as you find out. *thinking of you and Arthur* (it's me, socidoc)

Riley & Tiki said...

We are purring that the bump is nothing bad. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr