Friday, April 24, 2009

Kitties learn new tricks

Yes we've been a long time between posts but well we've been too busy cuddling to post :) See our boys have learned a new trick or two. Sure Arthur is the master of the flirt, teasing you into the bedroom and onto the bed where he will ensnare you with belly rubs and purrs until hours are lost and you dont know how.

Beowulf has masterd the purrbush (another type of ambush) he'll wait till you go into the bedroom and corner you there on the bed curl up and begin the loudest purrs and make you feel guilty for leaving him and before you know it hours are lost and you don't know how you let yourself get caught, again.

Well the newest trick they've learned is how to get us to bed. The actual time varies but we know when they are starting to get us ready for bed. They will begin with meows and when they have our attention a not so sublte heading to the bedroom. This will persist until we finally give in and go into the bedroom. But not just go in there and then leave. This is their signal that it is time for their humans to go to bed. The "nagging" does not end and escalates until we have done our pre bedtime preparations, climbed into bed and shut the lights off. Then and only then do they cease the nagging and curl up in the bed happy now that we can all go to bed :)