Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Recently a good friend had her dear kitty companion pass on and that made me so sad. Our boys have passed their 5th birthday now, and while they are healthy, happy, and getting into as much "trouble" as always it made me pause to think.

I know there was life before Arthur and Beowulf came into our lives but they are like dim memories. Its like our life really began when we brought home two furry purr machines that have given us much love, laughter and joy in our lives and I look foward to having many more years with our fur-babies. If you have your own fur-baby feline or canine, give them a good long cuddle and remember that time passes all too quickly. I know I'll be giving our boys a good long cuddle tonight :)


mizzyN said...


Minemine et coe said...

This is so through.
I see that they are still affectionate with each other, so nice.
Have you seen the documentary "Why we love cats and dogs" (Nature). It was diffused last winter at PBS and I tough of it reading your post so sincere et so through.
I have five cats and they each day bring me joy.

I enjoy reading your blog.

N.B. Sorry for my english, I am frenchspeaking (from Quebec).

Quilt Works said...

What a sweet photo! I love it!
Consider making it into a portrait -sometimes I see a picture like that and begs to be remembered!

Cat Collars said...

It really is so sad when our pets leave us. You have to enjoy them whilst they are here and it sounds like you are doing just that.

Lovely picture by the way.

curator said...

Best of love and wishes to your sad friend...It is hard to lose a kitty, I know it well.

Cat Sitter in the City said...

I really wish our kitties had a life span more in line with ours. I am a cat sitter, and I have lost a few cat friends over the past year alone.