Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Still Here

Yes we're still here and all are healthy and doing well, we just have been busy with real life and our cuddle boys havent been up to too much more than cuddling, giving us lots of love and purrs and in their own quiet way celebrating the end of baseball season and the crazy human shouting and cheering at the television.


Anonymous said...

gosh I love so much how the boys still love each other! good to hear from you again (from socidoc) always sending you and the boys my best

Elvin said...

Nice to see you posting again! Do I detect two boys still enjoying bedroom privileges?

bonusforbingo said...

I love how your boys look like. They haven't changed. I've been looking at your previous posts with photos. They are so adorable

Celeste said...

absolutely love the pics of the boys. I have a sweetie that has been around for 13 years. Can't imagine life without her.


Anonymous said...

I've loved following your story & the boys from the beginning.
I have 2 cats,my granddaughter has 2,my daughter had 4 but had to put down 1 of the brother cats in September after a futile vet visits fight to save Harley.He was only 5 & died of kidney failure which came on suddenly or so it seemed.
He & all of our cats & the 2 ferrets they had had been fed Nutro,natural indoor cat food since being weaned until the recall.Our vet saw many pets die & be permanently on specialty diets & medication since the recall.
I did my own research & settled on Newmann's own organics dry adult cat food.It has no glutens,chicken meal,chicken by-products,just human grade ingredients.The bloodwork on mine comes back fine each year.I give them a treat of Fancy feast elegant medley 1/2 can each 1-2 times a week as they won't eat ANY pate,or premium canned cat food.
The food is expensive,but compared to $800 vet bills it's worth it.
All of our cats were adopted from outdoor stray kittens & shelters.The oldest cat of the 7 now is 6,the youngest is 1&1/2.
Have a great Winter & I'll keep following your postings here in WI.
I wish all of you a healthy,happy,safe,prosperous new year.


Love your fur babies!!! I am such a sucker for orange cats! But then again, maybe I am such a sucker for cats period! lol We have 7 inside and don't know how many outside ones now that just keep coming to visit. We must have a neon diner sign with vacancy that goes on that we don't know about. Recently one of the boys got in trouble. You will see if you visit my blog. lol