Friday, December 11, 2009

New Careers?

I think the boys have a new career path in mind. Yesterday I made the mistake of leaving my purse open on the bedroom floor. I walked into the bedroom to find that Arthur had removed some tissues from my purse and was shredding them. Beowulf had removed my wallet from my purse and had pulled a receipt from it and was in the midst of shredding it.

Think I can hire them out as professional shredders? Get companies to give me their sensitive documents so the boys can shred them?

Of course the whole going into my wallet thing has been put into prospective this morning as I found Beowulf tearing open an envelope on Avram's end table. Ironically it wasn’t just any envelope it was from the pet insurance company, a reminder that we have to renew the policy we have for the boys.

I think I need to check my wallet and make sure he didn’t take my credit card and is now booting up the laptop and paying his insurance online.