Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arthur is Home!

Just brought our fur baby home. He is a sick kitty, at the moment the diagnosis is Heptatic Lipidosis otherwise known as Fatty Liver. They are still waiting on some test results to check for Pancreatitis and will call us with those results.
The important thing right now is get him to eat and the doctors and we felt that he would do better at home and would eat better in his normal home enviornment rather than in the hospital where he was too scared to eat.
Its a positive sign to me that as soon as I let him out of the carrier, he wandered around for a bit, greeted his brother then went right into the kitchen to eat.

We'll update you further as his condition improves :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Arthur is Sick!

It breaks my heart to have to say this. But our poor baby Arthur is at the vet's office sick.

It started last week when Avram noticed that Arthur wasn't eating much. At first we thought that he was just not in the mood, or for some reason had lost his taste for the kibble. We watched him like a hawk and he wasn't eating much but everything else seemed normal with him.
Still concerned we took him to the Vet yesterday since its time for his annual exam and shots anyway. The Dr was a little worried and took some blood and promised to call in the morning with results
Early this morning we got the news, the results show a possible liver problem and they wanted him to come in for an Ultrasound. I rushed him right over and while they did get a partial ultrasound, he had food in his stomach and they couldn't get a clear look at everything. From what she did see there appeared to be "sludge" in his gall bladder and bladder and his liver appeared "shiny" they were still wanting to look at his pancreas so they asked me to leave him with them till the afternoon when they could do another ultrasound after all the food had left his stomach.

This afternoon the Vet called and explained that they wanted to keep him over night. They were putting him on IV fluids and giving him antibiotics and had sent some more stuff to the lab for tests so we can isolate exactly what the problem was. Physical examination doesn't show any problems so the hope is we caught this early and they can treat it. So until the morning when we get the results and know more of what the issue is and what we can do we have to wait and miss our baby boy.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to our fur baby for a rapid recovery.