Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arthur is Home!

Just brought our fur baby home. He is a sick kitty, at the moment the diagnosis is Heptatic Lipidosis otherwise known as Fatty Liver. They are still waiting on some test results to check for Pancreatitis and will call us with those results.
The important thing right now is get him to eat and the doctors and we felt that he would do better at home and would eat better in his normal home enviornment rather than in the hospital where he was too scared to eat.
Its a positive sign to me that as soon as I let him out of the carrier, he wandered around for a bit, greeted his brother then went right into the kitchen to eat.

We'll update you further as his condition improves :)


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! Hopefully you will also do some internet research about these conditions as I've found I can learn a lot that way. So glad to hear Arthur is home!! Please keep us updated! (from socidoc)

Anonymous said...

Hope he's continuing to eat. It's so upsetting when they get sick; they can't explain what's wrong and they hate going to the vet (I use CityPets, the housecall vets, who come to your home; it's pricey, but worth it to me). If he's off his food, maybe the vet can suggest some foods to tempt him, beyond his usual diet?

Beverly (another catlover)

T said...

Happy to hear he is they know what causes this condition?

Single in the city (NYC!) - with cat (s)