Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Arthur Eating Very Little With a Side of Frustration

Arthur appears to be doing better in a lot of outward ways. He's much friskier, has gained weight, and he doesn't look jaundiced anymore. Last week when we saw him, the vet was encouraged. That said, getting him to eat is a huge challenge and he seems to be making zero progress in terms of his appetite.

The strange thing is that he is very interested in being fed. Around scheduled feeding times (for him and his brother), he will become very assertive and follow us around meowing and trying to lead us into the kitchen. As we dispense food into the bowl, he gets so excited that he tries to scale the counter to get to it. But then we put the bowl down for him and he rubs his face against the rim of the bowl and lies down. If we walk away from the kitchen, he follows us. If we stay in the kitchen, he starts rubbing his face on our feet and being his affectionate self, but is more interested in us than in eating.

We have managed to cajole him into eating a bit by sitting on the floor with him and repeatedly waving bonito flakes in front of his nose and then dropping them in the bowl. Sometimes he'll eat a few pieces or licks of food out of our hands. We might have to sit there stroking him and encouraging him for 20-30 minutes to get him to eat maybe half an ounce of food. What are we doing wrong? What haven't we tried?


The Creek Cats said...

You are doing the same tricks I used to try with our Cal to try to get him to eat. He seemed to have a major appetite until the food was actually in front of him. Sometimes I could get him eating a bit by putting the wet food on my finger, but that trick didn't always work. The only thing that worked well for a little while was an appetite stimulant prescribed by the vet.

Wish I had better advice for you, I know how frustrating it is!!

Junior and Orion said...

We wish we had suggestions/answers for you. You are doing such a good job....please don't get discouraged. Arthur has gained weight and that is an accomplishment in itself. We continue purring and praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried pouring just the water from a tuna can onto his wet food? That worked when my cat was sick, in addition to feeding him the early-stage baby food (veal, beef, turkey chicken).

Michelle said...


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