Saturday, April 03, 2010

Recent Photos of the Boys

First of all, Liz and I want to thank everyone who has sent kind wishes, thoughts, and prayers to us, both through this blog and elsewhere. Your support has meant a lot to us and to our boys and it really helped us through this ordeal.

With all the hubub about our boys' health, we haven't posted all the pictures we'd like to share with you. So here are some of our favorites from the last couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy looking at them almost as much as we enjoyed being there to take them. The pic of above was just shot a few minutes ago.

This pic of Beowulf exploring an box really doesn't tell the whole story. He hung out in the box for a couple of hours before we finally had to throw it out.

This one is a couple of weeks old, taken when Arthur still had his feeding tube but was getting better. He loves to lie down in the laundry basket.

More snuggling, from another day. What you probably can't see here is that the boys are touching paws. They do this a lot.

Arthur just relaxing.

Friday, April 02, 2010

The Well Traveled Cat

As of today Dr. Plotnick has pronounced Arthur fully recovered. He still has a small scab on his neck from the feeding tube, but he sees no reason for further concern or treatment for Arthur's illness. He's happy, active and while not eating tons he seems to be back to eating his normal amount and maintaining his weight without the tube :)

Beowulf's test results came back showing him to be perfectly healthy in every way. Now we dont have to go back to the vet for 6 months for Beowulf and 2 months for Arthur so he can get his shots.

So no more weekly trips across town to the vet for Arthur, his days traveling around the city by cab are over.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Beowulf Checks Out

So today Beowulf went in for his annual check up and his shots. This was his first time at the new vets office so we were a bit on edge with what Dr. Plotnick would have to say and how he would react to the long trip to the office.

As per usual he wasn't happy with leaving the house in his carrier, but he was well behaved and purred up a storm for the Dr and his tech. They were impressed with his sweet demeanor and his ability to purr while getting poked, prodded and having his blood and urine drawn and getting his shots.

So tomorrow we'll find out the results of his blood work, and get a healthy baseline for his records. According to Dr. Plotnick, Beowulf is as healthy as any cat can be. Hes 14.5 lbs and as we've always known handsome and lovable.

Once we got home he got some treats to reward him for being a good boy, but he didn't think it was enough and nagged me until I finally gave in and went into the bedroom with him to lay on the bed and rub and groom him :)