Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update on Arthur

I took Arthur in for his 6 month check up today. Dr. Plotnick was happy to report that Arthur is the picture of health. There are no lingering effects or even signs that earlier this year he was so ill. The only thing of slight concern is that Arthur now weighs 16lbs 6oz and the Dr would be happier if Arthur was closer to the low 15 range. So we need to work on getting him a bit more active and a bit less food.

He got blood drawn to do some blood work to just make sure that all his levels are where they should be and his yearly shots while he was at it. As always there is tons of love and praise for how handsome he is. And of course I cant say enough good things about the staff at Manhattan Cat Specialists they have been a blessing to us and give such excellent care to our boys and mental reassurance to us that our boys are well taken care of :)

Next week its Beowulf's turn for a check up.

UPDATE:: The Doctor called with Arthur's blood results and he is one perfectly healthy kitty :)


Elvin said...

Great news!! It looks like he enjoys being in the bedroom too, so I guess the bedroom ban is over?

Liz said...

Yes the bedroom ban has been over for quite some time now. They do get exiled from the bedroom from time to time but only in the mornings when they want to play at 4am and we want to sleep and when we are not home.

Minemine et coe said...

Thanks for the good news !
They say cats live nine lifes.

Hello to Arthur.

Minemine et cie

Anonymous said...

That's such good news and thanks for the update! Wow, 16 pounds plus! He's one healthy guy. Can't wait to hear about Beowulf too. Love from the left coast (from socidoc)

cat trees said...

I am glad to hear that Arthur is doing well. All the best!

Gatos said...

Uohhh, great news!! Beatiful cats :P