Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moving Foward

Its sad to say that while Avram and I have enjoyed keeping this blog, life moves too fast for us to keep detailed posts up about the boys and share all their wonderful antics and adventures. But fear not we are not disappearing into the ether, we are just changing the format just a little bit. Instead of updating the blog, we will be updating the boys very own facebook fan page where everyone who wants to can keep up to date with their daily doings :)

We hope to see you there :)


Anonymous said...

Hey you, good to see you again. I'm not signed up on FB but I might now that Arthur/Beowulf are there! (I can still see the pics without signing up so that's good). Thanks for this note, I've been wondering where you are, and thanks for deciding to keep up with new pics!
(from socidoc)

cat trees said...

Hey great cat info. I will be returning and book marking your page. I expect more interesting posts about cats!

Anonymous said...

Hi cat lovers!

I have just started a blog, would LOVE some followers if anyone is interested in reading it on a regular basis. Check it out:

Please share :o)


Bruce said...

Thanks for a great blog
Caring for cats

London Accountant said...

Goodbye, thanks, and see you on Facebook!

Cheoy Lee said...

Thanks for all the posts you've done here and may you continue happily on Facebook.

Somerset wedding gal said...

Bye, you will be missed here :(

Cat Pee Diares said...


I've been a follower of the blog for sometime and have loved checking in with your "cat family".

See you on Facebook!